Be Bold To Stop Wrong

Yes, Be bold when you know you are right and noway you can be wrong.

If you fall in the situation where you know that whatever is going on is completely wrong and it needs to be stopped. Just don’t think much and do whatever you need to do to stop wrong.

For that particular moment you can become a very bad person for someone but after some days or weeks or months or may be years, the same person will value your boldness.

And form that day things will change forever in respect of which you stopped the wrong to happen again and again.

There can be a big matter or a small one, can be between relations or can be anywhere you never expected. You just need to be very sure that you are right.

Tip 4: Stop wrong no matter how other react or feel momentarily.

Power Of What You Think

Today I am going to discuss about thing which would not be believed generally but it’s true.

It is a fact that “whatever you think that happens.” But we always think whatever we think that doesn’t happen. And that’s it, that is why it doesn’t happen. Because you thought what I think that never happens.

Found it complicated? Read again. And start thinking what you want in life. Keep negative thoughts far far away. Just think all the positive things no matter in what situation you are.. I can assure you that what you strongly wished for and thought for will happen.

Just try it once and share your experiences in the comment. It may take day or two but it will happen.

No doubt about it.

Tip 3: Whatever you think that happens.

Happy Mother’s Day

On this mother’s day, being a first time mother I would like to share something important which needs to be kept in mind.

Our babies gives us lots lots lots of happiness from the day we got to know the news, first time seeing him/her, first smile, first word, first step and many more. Nothing can define this happiness. It feels like real heaven.

Now the important thing to kept in mind is when he or she grows up and say/do something which shouldn’t have been said/done, we parents have no right to say that “we bring you in this world, do you know how much we have done for you, we grown you up, we have done this and that for you.” Because the decision of bringing him/her in this life is of ours, To grow them up is our responsibility, we enjoyed the whole parenting journey because it gave us the immense happiness.

Now just compare the happiness our little one gave us with those things we said for him/her for doing something wrong. So you say anything to make them understand the right thing but not regarding bringing to you in world, growing you up and all.

The reason being the happiness of having a child is not comparable to anything in the world.

Tip 2: Growing up ur baby is not a favor to them which is needed to be remembered again and again.

Your nature Vs Others

We often stick to the thing that this is my nature and everybody has to change according to me. In the contrary, it’s not the same. Today I am going to talk about how we should handle the person of different nature than yours.

First of all, remember that you can not behave the same with all kind of people. You have to vary your words according to their nature otherwise it will lead to a misunderstanding. Also, it may break the bonding which could have been avoided if handled properly and differently.

Our first enemy in handling people is our lack of patience. We just don’t want to listen others’ point because we are so overconfident that we are right in this thing no matter what the other person is trying to say.

When you are listening the person and you clearly make it out that he/she is speaking nonsense, just don’t respond at all. Listen as if you are so agreeing . I bet you, that you will lead him/her to that level that he/she himself/herself realises that what am I saying and stops. This will happen just by your silence and by simply allowing the person to speak.

Speaking less but meaningful which can make your short but impactful response to the lots of things said by the person. This will create your different kind of personality which is “When you speak, everybody consider and acknowledges that if he/she is saying that means there is something to think about”.

Tip 1: Speak less and meaningful, Respond considering nature of person.

Thanks for reading my blog. Coming with other topics soon about #lifelogics